Veronique Vega and Andrew Andretti

Posted on 5 de November de 2011 by spicyharcore

Veronique is a naughty college slut who was put in after school detention for exposing herself to boys in her class. Andrew is a dude in his twenties with a long history of being a bad boy and was sentenced to do community janitorial service, sweeping the school parking lot.
When his cameraman friend finds him with his broom, he makes fun of him and threatens to tell all their other friends, unless he does something wild. college girls videos So, Andrew dresses up as a teacher in charge of detention and sneaks into the classroom where Veronique is writing out lines on the chalkboard. He then takes advantage of the situation and disciplines her with some hard booty spanking and hair pulling, before whipping out his penis and shoving it inside her slot from behind. You can tell right away that this certainly ain’t the first time Veronique has banged an older man, as her not so cute ways have made her the school girl. Watch as this dark hottie gets her firm vag pounded into playful submission before her mouth is filled with a generous helping of jizz.