Sunny Mayweather, J.T.

Posted on 26 de February de 2011 by spicyharcore

Young, saucy cheerleader, Sunny Mayweather has bumped into J.T, an older classman she used to have a crush on. Not missing his chance to try to nail the girl who got away, J.T easily charms her into hanging out in the privacy of her bedroom. She pounces on her sheets still wearing her cute, turquoise miniskirt complete with pom poms. J.T pinky swears Sunny that he’ll pinch her gently before he’s about to nut. As soon as the terms are set, he straddles his young prize and fucks her tight teen hole cowgirl style! Then, he flips her around and drills her from reverse, enjoying that tender rear-end view to the max. Just as he’s commenting on how deliciously warm and tight her pussy is, he busts! Hot jizz injection!