Michelle Honeywell and Commando

Posted on 2 de July de 2011 by spicyharcore

This naughty, green-eyed blonde has been lap-dancing for the past few months but is now ready to take the next step into porn. She’s a closet freak who likes whips and chains, spanking and hair pulling, so we tried to exploit this tramp puppy the best way we know how. Blessed with a nice and neatly packaged bust cherry cunt, Michelle Honeywell has the kind of vagina you could lick all day. But since we didn’t have all day, we grabbed the back of her head and shoved a manhood deep down her throat before pounding her the rough way she so desired. Stud, her booty was so red, she probably couldn’t sit for a week after this fuck session. Cum goatee looked cute.