Keegan Monroe, Emerge Victorious

Posted on 9 de June de 2011 by spicyharcore

Damn, there’s nothing easier than nailing your ex’s little sister! All grown up now, Keegan Monroe, gets seduced by her old crush, Emerge Victorious. While they’re watching T.V, Emerge puts his little blossoming schoolgirl right at ease by probing her thighs, then massaging her nano boobs. Looking to play it safe, she sticks to sucking his wang, but Emerge wants to bang this tiny whore…just so long as he does the ‘ol pull and pray! As soon as he enters her pinhole of a slit, Emerge congrats this little hottie on how TIGHT her cooche is, then proceeds to drill her like a madman! Wildly screwing her in missionary, and caught in the moment, he fucks up royally and creampies in her twat!