Ashley Jensen, Stephanie Cane and John Strong

Posted on 17 de September de 2011 by spicyharcore

Ashley and Stephanie are a couple of hot coed cheerleaders we found practicing at the ballpark.
When they asked John if he was their new cheerleading coach, he quickly answered that he was and started giving them some new moves to try.
The divas were a bit confused by his unorthodox style but followed his every command. He then told them about a “secret cheer” that would guarantee them winning every future competition, but said they would have to come back to his place for a private lesson. They fell for it hook, line and sinker and ended up back at John’s place wearing nothing but knee-high socks rubbing and licking each other’s shaved twats before mouthing and sharing the coach’s dick. These little bang tramps are a fantastic duo whose cheerleading background makes them loud screamers during sex. The only thing that shut them up 18 porn was a mouthful of ejaculate which they happily swallowed.